Upcoming Litters

Making the decision to add a dog to your home is very exciting. Finding a reputable breeder with an upcoming litter can be a long task but your patience will be worth it. If you haven’t already I encourage you to visit the GRCA website for information on adding a golden puppy to your home.

We are expecting a litter at the beginning of 2019. Please feel free to email me for a puppy application.


Please Note- I WILL NOT and DO NOT send puppies home during the winter holidays.

The GRCA (Golden Retriever Club of America) has a published list of health screenings that a breeder should abide by, you can find the list here. It is crucial you do your homework and find a puppy whose parents have had Hip, Elbow, Eye, and Heart health screenings. The breeder should be able to provide you with these clearances or you can visit the OFA database and verify them for your self.

You can also visit the Florida Gulf Coast Golden Retriever Club Puppy Referral for a list of reputable breeders with puppies available.